The origin of the word SPAM

The word "SPAM" is short for Spiced Ham. SPAM is a brand of canned meat. How come the name of canned meat used to refer to junk e-mail?

This story by the Internet Society, a non-profit organization that provides guidance in terms of standards, education, and policies on the Internet.

In the 1970s BBC comedy shows in Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch show called Spam. The sketch is set in a cafe with canned meat SPAM branded as one option in the menu. In the sketch, when the waiter read the SPAM on the menu, comes the background song called for by the Viking people, "SPAM, lovely SPAM! Wonderful SPAM! "
It was, it was predictable why those words could mean like now?

In 1980, the term is used in an online newsletter and in the Multi-User Dungeon (MUD), a virtual space that contains a lot of people. At that time people just repeat the word "Spam", imitating the Monty Python sketch. In the chat room People Link or AOL in the early days, excerpts from a sketch on the BBC is often fills the screen.

Spam could be "ASCII art", one result is a picture made of numbers, letters, and other characters. Pictures of ASCII that can fill the screen. People in a chat room often use ASCII picture to "expel" the new arrivals so long chat members can continue. ASCII images are also often used for the war in the chat room. In the past, communities often attacked Star Wars Star Trek community chat rooms with picture-ASCII and vice versa. The attacks succeed when the people who attacked out of chat rooms. This attack was known also by the term "flood" (flooding) or "junk" (trashing).

In 1993, an experimental software for releasing dozens of messages into newsgroups news.admin.policy. In 1998, the Oxford Dictionary definition of spam by adding "The message without meaning or unworthy sent on the Internet on a number of newsgroups or users."
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How to View the Number of Backlinks / Website

Backlink is one of the techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Backlink we can get by putting a link blog / website on the blog / website other, usually by exchanging links or provide comment on the blog website of others, and still many other ways.

Backlink is very important in the SEO world as more and more backlinks the more we kemungkinana indexed by google even backlinks can also increase the PR or Page rank our Web site which will affect our position on google.

How do I see backlinks on our website, how to see backlinks blog website is very easy, how to see backlinks blog website that is one of them is by visiting the site, just enter the website address we will be out the number of backlinks blog site. Maish many other websites that provide services to view our website backlinks.
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Anak Sekolahan Jaman Sekarang Berani Buka-Bukaan

sma bugil

fenomena anak sekolahan yang tampil buka-bukaan, bukan lagi menjadi rahasia, dan telah banyak kasus yang santer terdengar, ngak tau juga mengapa anak sekolahan jaman sekarang begitu mudahnya terpengaruh dengan kehidupan yang mungkin bukan jalurnya.
disekolahan khan tempatnya mencari ilmu tapi sekarang dah banyak anak sekolahan yang mencari sensasi dengan menggunakan keelokan tubuhnya sebagai sarana menampilkan dan membuat sensasi, dengan berani tampil seksi dan bugil.

sma bugil

cewek telanjang

gadis bugil

smu seksi

smu bugil

anak sma

wanita bugil

sma seksi

bugil seksi

seksi abg

17 tahun seksi

foto seksi

17 tahun

foto bugil

seksi sma

17 tahun bugil

seksi foto


bagaimana nasib bangsa ini ???
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Learn About Pagerank Blog

PageRank is a patented algorithm that serves to determine which website is more important / popular. PageRank is one of the main features of the Google search engine and created by its founder, Larry Page and Sergey Brin who is a Ph.D. student Stanford University

How it works

A site will be more popular if more and more other sites that put a link that leads to a site, assuming the content those sites more useful than the content of other sites. PageRank is calculated with a scale of 0-10.

Example: A site that has a Pagerank 9 will be the first listing in the Google search list instead of sites that have a Pagerank 8 and then onwards are smaller.


Many ways to use search engines in determining the quality / ranking of a web page, from the use of META Tags, the contents of the document, the emphasis on content and many other techniques or combination of techniques that may be used. Link popularity, a technology developed to improve the shortcomings of other technologies (Meta Keywords, Meta Description), which can rigged with a special page designed for search engines or so-called doorway pages. With the algorithms 'PageRank' is, in every page will be inbound links (incoming links) and outbound links (links out) of each web page.

PageRank, has the same basic concept of link popularity, but not only take into account "the number of" inbound and outbound links. The approach used is a page will be considered important if other pages have a link to that page. A page will also become increasingly important if other pages rank (pagerank) high refers to the page.

With the approach used by PageRank, there is a recursive process in which a ranking will be determined by the ranking of a web page ranking is determined by the rankings of other web pages that have links to those pages. This process means a process that is repeated (recursive). In cyberspace, there are millions and even billions of web pages. Therefore, a web page ranking is determined from the overall link structure of web pages that exist in cyberspace. A process that is very large and complex.


From the approach already described in the article the concept of pagerank, Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin made pagerank algorithm as below:

Initial algorithm
PR (A) = (1-d) + d ((PR (T1) / C (T1)) + ... + (PR (Mr.) / C (Mr)))

One other published alogtima
PR (A) = (1-d) / N + d ((PR (T1) / C (T1)) + ... + (PR (Mr.) / C (Mr)))

* PR (A) is the PageRank page A
* PR (T1) is the PageRank of page T1 refers to page A
* C (T1) is the number of outgoing links (outbound links) on page T1
* D is a damping factor which can be between 0 and 1.
* N is the total number of web pages (which is indexed by google)

From the above algorithms can be seen that the pagerank is determined for each of your pages is not the whole website. Pagerank pagerank of a page is determined from the page that refers to him who is also undergoing the process of determining pagerank in the same way, so this process will be repeated until the correct results were found. But the pagerank page A is not given directly to the intended page, but previously divided by the number of links on the page T1 (outbound links), and the pagerank will be divided equally to every link on that page. So it is with every other page "Mr." which refers to the "A". After all pagerank gained from other pages that refer to the "A" are added, the value is then multiplied by the damping factor value between 0 and 1. This is done to avoid the overall value of T distributed pagerank page to page A.

Random surfer model

Random surfer model is an approach that illustrates how real that is a visitor in front of a web page. This means the chance or probability of a user clicks on a link is proportional to the number of links on the page. This approach is used so that the pagerank pagerank of incoming links (inbound links) are not directly distributed to the intended page, but divided by the number of outgoing links (outbound links), which exist on the page. It was all too thought it was fair. Because can you imagine what would happen if a page with a high ranking refers to many pages, might not be relevant PageRank technology used.

This method also has the approach that a user will not be clicking on every link on a webpage. Therefore pagerank using damping factor to reduce the value of the distributed pagerank of a page to another page. The probability of a user continues to mengkilk all links on a page is determined by the value of damping factor (d) the value between 0 and 1. Value of high damping factor means that a user will click on a page more until he moved to another page. After the user moves the page then the probability diimplemntasikan into pagerank algorithm as a constant (1-d). By removing the variable of inbound links (incoming links), then the possibility of a user to move to another page is (1-d), this will make the pagerank always be at its minimum.

In another pagerank algorithm, there is the value of N, which owns the total number of web pages, so a user has a probability of visiting a page divided by the total number of pages that exist. Sebaagai example, if a page has a pagerank of 2 and total web page 100 then in a hundred times a visit she visited that page as much as 2 times (note, this is a probability).
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Della Puspita look sexy

Full Name: Henny Puspita Nisisari
Nick Name: Della Puspita
Nationality: Indonesia
Place & date of birth: Malang, August 6, 1981
Zodiac: Leo
Favorite musician: Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears
Favorite Movie Star: Keanu Reeves
Height / Weight: 163 cm / 47 kg
Pants: 28 Bra: 34a

della puspita foto

foto della seksi

foto artis seksi

artis seksi

artis bugil
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Tyas Mirasih look sexy party

Tyas Mirasih look sexy party with her friends

tyas mirasih

foto seksi tyas mirasih

party like this?
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Masayu Anastasia showing off breasts

Masayu Anastasia is a model and actress of Indonesia. (born January 19, 1984). and has starred in several soap operas and soap opera starring a woman who was 160 cm tall, among others, ABG, Prestige Gede-Gedean, I Should Die, Laila, Gift of You, A drop of dew, Doiku Beken, and the movie Love Pink Kiss Gue and Forever. He has also been a model of video clips and Ressa Herlambang Peterpan.

Masayu married to singer / actor Wiworo Teak Ox on July 6, 2008. [1] Their marriage who impressed all of a sudden had led to speculation that Masayu been pregnant before. [2] Before marrying Ox, Masayu penah a relationship with Jonathan Frizzy , and engaged in love with the Heng Kurniawan location when starring Kiss Gue.. [3] On October 19, 2009 Date Masayu birth to her first child was given a pseudonym Anaya Amandari.

Ngintip payudara .. Yuk !!!

masayu anastasia

foto masayu

gambar masayu anastasia

foto seksi masayu

foto bugil masayu anastasia

foto artis

wow ....!!!!
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Celana Dalam Artis Hollywood tertangkap kamera

Artis Hollywood yang selalu tampil menarik malah sering tidak peduli dengan pakaian dalam mereka, bahkan celana dalam mereka pun sempat terekam kamera publik. Dan yang lebih parahnya sebagian dari mereka tampil tanpa menggunakan CD!!! wow seksi ...

foto artis

artis seksi

artis hot

gambar artis


foto artis seksi

foto bugil

ko, bia yah ngak pake CD
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